why, hello there, Friday.....

First, I am SO HAPPY it is Friday!!! 
Eddie is back to normal, he hasn't splatted once this morning, isn't ravenously starving, and all of us couldn't be happier he bounced back. Tomorrow is Christian's birthday and as you can see here the house is already decorated - who cares if these are all left over from my birthday last month? our house is festive all year round. Birthdays last for at least a week, Christmas lights stay up year round, and dessert is a big deal every Sunday.
This evening I am all set to start all the projects I put on hold because of Eddie's little spell. The horses will be grazing on the front lawn, all I have to do is get the fence up. Once the horses are out of their current fields, I will start the very large job of giving their usual field a fresh cutting, spreading all the manure, and getting ready for a bit of rain to get the grass growing in their normal fields, hopefully next week....

This weekend I hope to also do a little bit of detailing where the goats have helped clear behind the workshop - they have put one hell of a dent in the hardest part! Then the actual inside of the shop needs a good cleaning and organizing. I haven't done much actual "work" in the workshop since Reece has been on the farm, but once the weather cools a bit, my inspiration flows heavily and I hope to get back to the grind. 

The Harvest Moon also means autumn is so near and I am ready. I am so ready for fresh greens from the garden, ginger cookies, and soups and chili. 

I will be at the animal shelter for a short time this weekend, but because it is still under quarantine, my time will be extremely limited, so the silver lining there is that I will have more time to play in the dirt. I hope to get the garden ready for all my seeds!!!!

I am off to walk the dogs and then get through the workday at the office - Happy Friday, y'all! 

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