a few weekend snapshots....

It was Christian's birthday and I made THE MOST DELICIOUS chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting. It was the most time consuming frosting I have ever made (it took about an hour of actual work), but well worth the work!!! I will make this again in the fall when I get back in the swing of the Sunday Sweets and will post the recipe....
...hello little tree frog. 
I also got to take this boy out for a little adventure! Yes, Bruce is one hunk-o-love, and a very good boy in the car.
My mom sent Reece a new toy home. He has a love/ hate relationship with it. It makes the strangest noises....
We drained the pool last weekend... that last storm we had , really did a number on it. :(
Eddie is now the bionic dog in my eyes. I knew for sure he was dying on us last weekend. He has bounced back completely and is totally back to his old self!!! 
Reece is the biggest couch potato. Not even joking. See his sleeping video in my insta here:
I didn't get even half of my to-do list done, but I had fun and ate lots of cake! 

Things are gonna slow down around here reeeeeeaaaaaal soon when the weather cools, so there will be more time for catching up. 

Have a glorious week! 



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