tailwagger tuesday.... Reece!

I have been so wrapped up with the shelter pups and staying on top of the farm chores that I totally forgot to make a post announcing that I ADOPTED Reece!!!!

Yes! I made it official on July 20. I realized shortly after taking him in as a foster, that he would need much more investment than what the rescue could offer. He needed training. He needed hours upon hours of dedication. All things that I could offer personally, but also felt that if I could turn this damaged and 'unadoptable' dog around, it would take a long time, and by then, I would be his person.....

We have such a long road still ahead of us, but every week reveals a softer Reece. If only the world could see how he is with me.... when I took him in, I thought we would have some minor issues with strangers, but quickly realized they were a bit more on the major side...

He loves the farm now, isn't scared of the horses, loves our walks, and looks forward to training. He loves resting on my lap in the hammock... He can walk by the chickens with no issue (leashed of course), and he is really proud of how he can 'place' on various things around the farm like the goat milking stanchion and picnic table..

Anyway, Reece is my perfect walking buddy (poor ol' Eddie just can't do a fast pace), the weather is getting near perfect for morning walks, and now that I have started to get a handle on my anemia, it is time to get back on track and get fit with my rescue pit!! Now that he has had a few training sessions under his belt, I am excited to see what morning walks are like now!

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