eh... monday.

While Eddie had a rough weekend, he seems to be on the mend now. No seizures since Saturday night, and he's been eating and drinking as usual, so I am hopeful....

Weekends are usually packed full of animal shelter visits, mowing, little farm projects here and there, and lots of time walking both Reece and Eddie around the property. I had a big to-do list for last weekend, but it can wait - Christian and I took turns completely monitoring our ol' boy to keep an accurate track of everything to report to the vet today. 

The shelter has been closed and on quarantine, so that freed up some of my usual morning time, and for the most part, I just did a lot of envisioning and planning while out walking Eddie and Reece, checking on the goats' progress on clearing the backside of the workshop, oh - and tending to my needy chicken, Blindie. Yes, I got lazy naming her and since she is blind, well, she is Blindie. She is most likely about to expire and she has been setting herself up at night to be eaten by a fox or coyote instead of going back inside the coop.... check her out in this pic waaaaaaaaaay out in the field where she never hangs normally. Reece took notice....

Each night for the last week, with the exception of last night, I have had to hunt her down on the 9 acres and carry her to the coop and put her to bed....Either she was feeling better yesterday or she knew I had my hands full with Eddie and didn't make me look for her last night. 

I did get to separate and pot a few offshoots from my aloe plant and am excited to watch my little plants multiply and grow! 

I also mapped out a little temporary expansion (chock full of lush grass to graze) to rotate the horses into so they can graze next weekend on totally fresh grub. I need to work in their paddocks, giving it a fresh cut and spreading the manure. All I have to do is put up a few temporary posts, put in a new grounding rod, and then put up the live electric rope. 

The farm's chores will all still be there next weekend when the time allows to do them, the shelter will still be off limits for volunteers, and hopefully there will be a little taste of fall in the air. I am ready for all of the land to go dormant so I can make some headway again on the workshop lawn... for now it has returned to a jungle for the most part and I am banking on the goats to help me clear most of it. Yes, it is THAT BAD. 

Anyway, good vibes for Eddie, please. So far, so good and I am hoping this was just a bad spell. I am totally not ready for Monday, but here it is, so have a good week! 

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