want/ need/ hear/ see

I want to begin my next flooring project in the workshop this weekend..... This floor will be more colorful, as it is going in a room that is hot pink, yellow, and teal....

to get my baking groove back.
I guess I lost it pretty much when I lost the ability to have a mixtape here, so I am thinking this weekend for the "Sunday Sweet Stuff" segment, I will be making something buttery, cakey, and complimentary for my morning coffee.... The sweets on Sunday is perfect way for me to avoid the Sunday sadness of having to get ready for another work week. Do you guys have this happen to you? Every Sunday, without fail, as the weekend is winding down, unless I have some cool project to keep me creatively engaged, I get it... Baking on Sundays has been a longtime way of avoiding this, whether it is bread, cookies, cakes, or other goodies, so I am bringing it back. 
I have always loved this song... It is a good summertime, floating-in-the-pool-while-looking-up-at-the-trees song....

Fleabag. This is one of those shows that you can binge in one sitting. The first season came out a few years ago, and the second season just came out this year. We watched it in one weekend, as it is only 6 episodes and highly addictive. This season "Fleabag" falls for a young, cool priest who curses, drinks, and flirts with temptations a bit too much, but if you know Fleabag, this is right up her alley...
Check it out, have a laugh, and I am betting you'll be hooked and waiting for more like we are....
I am super happy to have the Thursday "want/ need" segment back! Isn't it crazy what little things like a weekly mixtape can influence? The last several months blogging has been bleh and now I know why!!!! 

Next week's 'see' will be swapped out for a 'read', and the book is really funny and great. Tomorrow is Friday, and I am already setting things up in the shop to make my floor-painting dreams come true very soon! 



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