for real... it is Friday??

The past few months have flashed before my eyes. I cannot even believe it is Friday again. I guess the lack of regular blogging made it possible for me to lose track of time as well. Stuff is sinking in. I am still in disbelief that it is JULY. I turn 43 next month. I have had Reece for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. It has been FOUR WHOLE YEARS that we thought Eddie wasn't going to make it much longer. We have been in this house OVER FIVE YEARS and the land has expanded and become something completely different than it was when we first moved here....

My whole 'routine' used to revolve around my blogging. I have used it for almost 10 years as a sort of planner in my day-to-day... up until a few months ago when I lost the ability to upload mixtapes.. I had fashion segments on Fridays, the midweek mixtape, the 'want/need' segment, and the Sunday sweet stuff segments all kept me on my game! The blogging actually made me really responsible in some ways (farm projects, chores, self care), and in some ways, made me a little uptight (super stressed out about the lack of a midweek mixtape and for the longest time, no idea on how to replace the old platform - not to mention that all my mixtapes over the last 6 years were lost)..

Anyway, I am happy to be back and have my little idea hub up and running, my mixtape back, and am really ready for 5 o'clock to roll around! I am hoping for a weekend filled with pop-up thunderstorms, a little sewing, some shelter pups (Cloudi got neutered yesterday!), and a little headway on my next flooring project in the workshop! 
Happy Friday, y'all! 



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