Wow! I am in disbelief that it is Friday already! This week flew by, and I wasn't able to get to a few things I had wanted, like seeing my ol' buddy Deere at the boarding facility while his farm is on vacay.

Lots of dog stuff, not too many farm pics because it has just been SO HUMID. Aside from the dog walks, I haven't been spending too much time outside...

A couple of my shelter pups that I work with are in temporary foster homes, and thriving! Hopefully with all this new info gained by being in a home, they will get adopted soon.

I am posting a few pics from the last week, and will be back tomorrow with the Saturday snapshots, and will be back more regularly after today, as I now have a little schedule going (again) for my blogging. The move from the loft in the house to doing most of my creative thinking, sewing, painting of the floors, and potion-making in the workshop took a little hiatus simply because it is so easy to snuggle with Reece instead....

This weekend I am gonna mend a few pieces of clothing, plan out the next week in posts, and hopefully re-list my stuff on etsy. I have been making all the bills just fine without the need for the etsy sales, but it would be nice to get a little ahead and move some of this inventory.

I also still have about 40 square feet of floor to paint in an new colorful chevron pattern.... I'd like to start planning that very soon!

So with all of the above, I also have a training session for Reece, a walk date with a shelter pup and her sister who is now in foster, and will be meeting a few volunteers at the shelter to help them work with a dog who is just scared of everything.

Last weekend was pretty non eventful, as it was my four day weekend and I decided I didn't want to do much but be lazy... ha! I did manage to make it to my favorite place for all things antique and vintage and found a few dresses that I need to alter, which I will do thins weekend so I can wear soon!


Happy Friday! I will update farm happenings very soon...



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