wow.... five years ago...

Awwwwww. I snapped this the first weekend we were at the farm. I can't even believe were moving in just five years ago today. So much happened in our lives that first year here, it seems we have been here a lifetime already. Baby had already been here lots of times over the weeks before the closing date, and it was because of her I even found this little slice. We would always find little country back roads to explore on the way back from the feed store, and this little gem was tucked deep down a dirt road. The following month, a teeny tiny Spirulina showed up into our lives, and the month after that, Baby got sick. It is crazy and amazing how life twists and turns. Baby died 10 months after I took this pic. Baby got her own farm. She was able to live her last year running, never leashed, dozing off in the yard with me, and playing with the farm crew after we fenced everything and moved them here in August...I had promised her for YEARS that one day she’d be able to wake up and go run (we previously lived right downtown in a rental that had a tiny yard, and drove twice a day to our borrowed farm where the goats and chickens stayed, 20 min away)... Needless to say, even in her sickness she enjoyed being here at the farm, and I think she lived several more months happily because she was here. This picture was snapped 5 years ago today, and says SO MUCH! I honestly don’t think I would have found this place had Baby not loved car rides so much and inspired me to find quiet country backroads that we could drive slowly  without having someone on our tail,  while she happily hung out the window. Thanks Baby girl!!! Little does she know, she is also fully responsible for the advocate/ volunteer work I do for the shelter dogs, most of them pitbulls. She made an impression on me first, then everyone she met! 

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