spring is here.... grow what is important.

Each season I usually have a list of plans, a bucket list if you will, of things I hope to accomplish. This helps me to prioritize things because I usually have so many things I want to do, it would be easy to get lost in it all and not get much actually done.... Since Spring officially started a week ago, and I have a good idea of where I want things to go in the next few months, this is my Spring bucket list!
make custom work table (I have an idea in my head for this... I have some vintage table legs, and leftover wood from my flooring project.

revamp online store for Fox & Forest (for the most part everything has been on hold during the move to the workshop), annnnnd get the online vintage store back up and running....Spring is my favorite time of year for the photoshoots!

gym in shop; move weights/ yoga mat to workshop - more space to spread out there....

more instant pics (instax & polaroid)
start work on Deere's book/ "Deere ~ The Little Blue Pibble That Could"
grow what is important. I mean this in a broader sense than just my garden..... I have been making changes to stress less and say 'NO' more, focusing more on myself and what I love to do. Create more, learn more, sew more, photograph more (with my actual cameras and not my phone).
Reducing tasks/ obligations that involve me leaving the farm. I want to STAY in this peaceful place more....

Suppertime strolls. Christian & I did this every evening after dinner in 2013. We also lived in the city where it was easy to walk out the door and be on a sidewalk. Now I drive a few miles to do my morning walks, but I also benefit so much from a nice long walk in the evenings. Working on a plan to 'borrow' a dog that can make a nice little trek in the evenings to keep me accountable, since Christian is so over the strolls, and my sweet, ol' Eddie really can't physically make it.
On that note, I leave this list with one more thing I hope to make some progress on this Spring.... Mr. Reece. He is a great dog, and I love his spirit and energy. He wasn't dealt the best cards and needs a good bit of work, but does SO WELL when he is at the farm on little day 'breaks' from the shelter... I believe Reece will also be included on my Summer bucket list as well, but I hope he is adopted and in his forever home when the time rolls around for me to compile the Fall bucket list....
...and gahhhhhh leee! It is Thursday! This evening after work I am taking a dog to meet her potential foster family and hopefully it will be a great fit, as she needs knee surgery and a home to recover in. She reminds me so much of Baby, and she will make someone the best companion!!!! Let's hope tomorrow I am scheduling her surgery!! <3

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