why, hello tuesday.....

My mornings usually start around 4:30am with coffee & blogging, taking Eddie out for super short flashlight lit walk for his business, and then going for a 3 mile walk/ jog in the dark. Then I feed Eddie, take him out for a proper walk just as the sun is starting to come up and we check fencelines (this is really something you don't want to do in the dark - skunks !!), feed the horses, chickens, and goats, check waters, fill up if needed, and then shower and get ready for work. Whew! Yes before I plant my ass in my desk chair for 8 solid hours, I have put in more steps and physical work than I will do ALL DAY.
As much as I would prefer to sleep in some days and not get up at 4:30am, there are consequences. Such as, yesterday when I slept in and didn't have time to take a nice long walk with Eddie checking fencelines, only to rush to get dressed (without showering) and make plans to throw food at everyone on my way to the car before heading to work. Yes. This means slinging hay in a dress - sometimes heels. 
Yesterday morning was one of those Monday mornings when I just could not get out of bed on time....I actually had so much hay in my boots when I arrived at work, I had to dump them as soon as I got there just so I could stand wearing them with my tights all day.... 
I am the only woman ever to sit in my office and dump hay from my boots and pull hay out of my hair before getting started on a printing job I am most certain. 
Am I proud of this? 
What other person in my place of work is badass enough to 'get 'er done' before arriving to work looking all cute like myself? Yeah, as a little spur of the moment "what I wore" segment, the outfit I did morning chores in AND wore to work is seen here. 

Dress: actually my friend Holly's and it is for sale in the building next door
Coat: Target, many years ago
Boots: Durango

I may be a little less driven to get outta bed on time(especially on Mondays), but I still love my vintage and thrifted attire... Even if my boss is a socially awkward dude that says things like my coat looks like his grandmother's couch, and expects me to take that as a compliment (totally actually happened)... I personally thought my getup was on point ;)
So..... lesson *not* learned/refreshed yesterday morning and this morning I got my ass outta bed at 6:20am. Christian and I got sucked into that R. Kelly Survivors show and I couldn't look away.... I went to bed much later than I normally do, and it is 7am  - I am about to check fence lines with Eddie, feed the farm crew, check waters, and shower and all the normal things before work. No three mile therapy session this am..... tomorrow is a new day, right? 


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