weekend pics & garden plans....

I am not a great gardener..... you'd think as long as I have been trying, and succeeded at growing some things, I'd be an amazing gardener. I am really great at germinating seeds, watching the green sprouts pop up, reaching for life. I fall short when the garden needs watering. Seems like such an easy task, but as you probably can easily see, I am not good at sitting or standing still for very long and watering a garden is pretty much standing still.... Nonetheless, I keep starting seeds, keep planting starts, and hope the rain will be sufficient for their watering needs. Last year this was the case and the garden was big and bountiful with the two things that were planted - kale and spinach.
I seem to be really great at growing tomatoes, peppers, and okra, so those will definitely be staples in the garden this year. Gonna also try some corn for the first year ever. Corn is supposed to be super easy - just drop the seeds in the ground, and come late summer, you can have your own delicious sweet corn. I am hoping to have a success story about corn this year.... I was shocked last year how surprisingly easy it was to grow spinach! How you just plop the seeds in, and all spring, it produced with little effort. You know the ol' timers say that Good Friday is when you put all your stuff in the ground.... Guess who is starting seeds this week? yes. This gal. 

This weekend was the perfect mix of ugly and magnificent weather. Wet and cold on Saturday and a surprisingly beautiful day yesterday. I took Eddie out on extra long farm walks both days because even on Saturday when it rained all day, it was more of a misting, so it felt almost mystical and fairytale-ish. 

Anyway, after some garden planning, and rescue work with my one of favorite project pups, Reece, I went out into the world yesterday... for brunch! Yes, this gal made plans off the farm because it was supposed to rain ALL DAY. Turns out, after this morning's gully washer, we had sunny skies the rest of the day. Since this surprise perfect day fell into my lap, I was happy to be out an about in the world with two of my gal besties, and then came home and played in the field with the horses for a bit....
why yes, we DO still have our tree up. Ha! It is real, it is STILL green, and it will finally be coming down this weekend ;)

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