thirty something questions. (another myspace survey)

oh, it is time for another myspace survey!! I did another one of these HERE, and felt like it was time to have a little old school quiz fun again today...

1. If you were to kill a man, horror movie style, which kitchen utensil would you use?
meat tenderizer
2. Did you ever swallow a coin?
no....but I know someone who did...
3. What was the worst gift you've ever received?
a pedicure... I don't know, maybe it is just me, but I cannot comfortably let someone 'tend' to my feet. Feels a bit Master/ Servant - ish...
4. What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
getting the Heimlich maneuver at a crowded West Virginia diner from my grandpa after a piece of bacon got caught in my throat..  
5. How many kids do you want?
zero. zip. nada
6. Whats your moms middle name?
7. Have you ever operated a fire extinguisher?
8. Worst car you ever had to drive and why?
I will drive anything, and not sure that I have ever driven a 'worst car'
9. who do you hate?
no one. Hate is a pretty strong word.
10. what do you hope to have accomplished by the end of this year?
successful garden beds, clean hay barn, and my two project pups in their forever homes.
11. do you have any reallllly crazy relatives?
of course, who doesn't?
12. Did you ever wake up under the influence of NyQuil, completely unable to move?
13. Are you feeling nostalgic right now?
yes, which is why I googled 'myspace surveys'...
14. Did you own a Lite-Brite?
15. Can you dive?
16. Do you own a mouthpiece for anything?
used to for my TMJ
18. Have you ever used a pogo stick?
19. Can you juggle?
a little...
20. Whats your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean flavor?
21. favorite food you CRAVEEE?
welsh rabbit that my mama used to make........yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
22. When was the last time you pulled lint out of your bellybutton?
can't remember
23. Did you ever use someone else's toothbrush?
I accidentally use Christian's all the time. I only realize while I am brushing my teeth that I've grabbed the wrong toothbrush.. ha! 
24. Do you REALLY floss everyday?
25. what is your favorite cologne/perfume you always wear?
frankincense oil sometimes 
26. If you were on Double Dare, would you take the physical challenge?
27. What's the largest living organism that you killed?
a boar that was terrorizing the farm and then went after my mom. I didn't want to have to do it, but it was a matter of safety. 
28. Did you ever take a lighting bug and smear its guts on your arm so you get a cool glowing effect like war paint?
no way!
29. What's the best toy you've ever gotten in a McDonalds happy meal?
I never have had a happy meal... 
30. if you could be anywhere in the world doing anything right now what would it be?
somewhere lush and mountainous with rolling green hills and my farm....and I'd be sipping coffee on the porch with Christian and we'd be enjoying the view....
31. Did you answer question 17?
32. how do you feel right now?
good, but a little disappointed it didn't snow today. Boo.
33. Do you remember that square candy bar called "Chunky"?
I have never had it but do remember it.
34. Predict the length of the next Peter Jackson movie.
I have no idea, nor do I care.
35. What was your favorite toy as a kid?
Alfie the robot
36. are you willing to go the distance?

anyway, I am off to cut some wood for my shop project and dream of some actual snow coming our way. I am tired of these snow teases!! Give me the real stuff! 



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