Just for fun.... remember Myspace? Friendster?

So..... remember all those Myspace and Friendster surveys? Friendster?!?! YES! Well, here is a link to any survey you can think of HERE from those days, and feel free to take this one and repost as a comment below to sortof  'introduce yoself'! Happy Tuesday!!

Here's mine - hope you enjoy! 
1. where is your cell phone?
on the couch next to me

2. your age?

3. your mother:
best in alllll the land, taught me how to be resilient.

4. your father:
is responsible for my hard head, hot temper, & love of astronomy

5. your favorite food?
cake ...and Christian's red beans & rice, although it isn't the same without ham, and I gave up pork after having to shoot the wild boar on my farm..

6. your dream last night?
can't remember....

7. your favorite drink?
coffee with raw goat milk...and sweet tea.

8. your dream/goal?
to one day have the means to live off grid...to not need for much, and to grow most of our food.

9. the room you are in?
the livingroom in our little house.

10. what is your hobby?
learning, building things, trying new things, sewing, making, baking, growing

11. what is your fear?
being trapped in a hot, stuffy elevator

12. where were you last night?
at the homestead with Christian and the animal crew...

13. something you are not?
a cook. I can bake, but eh, cooking is not my best trait ;)

14. cake:
one of the best things everrrrrrr. and my favorite thing to make!

15. wish list items:
tractor and all the accessories that go with it - talk about a dream come TRUE!!!

16. where did you grow up?
Athens, GA

17. last thing you did:
fueled up with my morning coffee...

18. what you are wearing:
a roomy vintage night gown with pockets.

19. your tv:
came from my dad's house... all 50+ inches of that glorious thing! Thanks, dad <3

20. your pets:
Eddie the Golden Retriever, Spirulina the cat, Rose the horse, Hazel the hornless unicorn, Pancha the chicken (the other five aren't really social enough to be considered pets), annnnd Eli, Ellie, Ellen, and Misty - all my goats.

21. your friends:
are the best, most loyal gals. We may not get together often because we all have our own lives, but we always have each others backs and will drop everything if one of us is in need! 

22. your life:
is really something I am proud of. This farm, all the work that has gone into it, spending 18 years of it with Christian...

23. your mood:
optimistic about the future.

24. missing someone?
Always.... right now, I am missing my best gal pal, Andrea. She is in Maine and I don't get to see her enough. I think she is planning a trip down in a few months.... :)

25. vehicle:
I have a Nissan XTerra and an old 1977 Ford F-100, three on the tree and runs like a charm. 

26. your home:
is small but perfect.

27. your favorite store:
Tractor Supply, thrift stores, IKEA (thanks, Holly ;) ), and unfortunately Target...

28. your favorite color:

29. the last time you laughed:
Last night. I laugh often. Even though you might not see him much, Christian is a funny guy....

30. the last time you cried:
Several weeks ago when I was at the orthopedic and the Doctor was messing with my bite wound...BUT because I got bitten by a dog at the rescue, which actually brought me some great news that I wasn't anemic anymore! Ha! Doctor said my wound clotted beautifully... So, since then, I have been feeling pretty good aside form the actual bite itself, but as of today, even that is almost completely healed! 

31. your best friend:
...my old roommate from over 20 years ago. Andrea. She lives in Maine. Miles apart but connected and communicate pretty much every day...

32. one place you go over and over:
I used to frequent Curacao....that is until I got a farm. Having a farm kindof puts a damper on traveling a whole lot...now I frequent Tractor Supply and my hay supplier.

33. guilty pleasure:
The Real Housewives on Bravo. Well, and Below Deck, and pretty much anything Andy Cohen produces. 

34. favorite place to eat:
Home. In the back yard at the table under the shade of the trees....Christian is an excellent cook, and is fully in charge every day when it comes to meals! 

35. where do you want to be in 5 years?
Hmmmm... I will be 46...would love to have a few goats in milk, still have my farm....I hope to be more resourceful with my land, and have something productive going on in the concrete building next door...we shall seeeeeeeee....Every day I learn something new!

Well, it is Tuesday and I am off to get ready for the workday! Hope you enjoyed learning maybe something new about me - tomorrow I think I am handing the 'midweek mixtape' segment over to Christian....

Til then,


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