friday whoop!

I am pretty sure if you talked to Christian lately, he would tell you that I have been super excited and giddy about this floor project.... I also am THE WORST keeper of secret surprises. I have not allowed Christian to come inside the building on our property in weeks, and even installed new locks to keep my secret plans under wraps.....BUT this week I just had to show him pictures the floor..... ha!

Now that I have unveiled my floor project in my new soon-to-be studio/ shop/ creative space, I guess it is time to list one of the many things I cannot wait to get started on once it is done! I used to sew a ton. I made bags, pants, skirts, dresses - you name it, and I made it. I even made custom patterned furniture covers at one point. Since we moved to the farm, I have been a bit limited creatively  because our house is pretty small. Instead of being artistic with fabrics and my sewing machine, I took advantage of the fact that the land had been neglected for years, and took that on as my creative outlet.

I made trails, planned and fenced in fields for the goats and horses, built the chicken coop, carved out little park-like settings, and lastly decided to finally take on the challenge of turning a big useless (and ugly) building that made the property almost impossible to buy, into something amazing. This building caused me so much trouble when we were trying to buy this place. It couldn't be described as an outbuilding because it had 50 little doggie doors in it. Yes. It was a commercial pet boarding facility at one time, many years before we bought it. Over the last two years, I took small steps to lure myself in a bit more and more. First I started with closing up the doggie doors. Then I started painting the exterior, but got burnt our before I finished. Then.... last year after sitting on this BIG useless building, I got the roof repaired, started cleaning it out, and decided to draw up a blueprint of what I wanted in my life for a creative space. It wasn't until the very last days of 2018 that I actually could start to SEE what I wanted in this building......

Then a few days ago I started on the floor which you all saw bits and pieces this week in the 'ten things tuesday' post. I am hoping to have the entire 'creative space' portion finished by the end of the month. Complete with furniture, my desk, sewing machine, as well as my setup to make potions! There will also be a cozy critter crib/housing area for the goats if I ever have a sick one that needs extra care, or an ICU for a chicken (our laundry room has been the chicken ICU in the past), and it will also contain a large dry storage area (over 500 sq ft) for lawn & garden equipment as well as just storage overflow of things we need to store rather than live with in the house (paint, tools, out of season clothing).
Anyway, after work every day this week, I ate dinner, and headed out to continue work on my project -  measuring, drawing lines, taping, and painting my chevron twin peaks-ish flooring and am almost just past the halfway mark with it. I will post a full tutorial when finished, but I will go ahead and admit that it is waaaaaaay harder than I envisioned it would be and my lower back has been needing a good epsom soak each night after all that bending, crawling, squatting, etc... I timed myself yesterday just putting the lines on an 8' x 10' section, and it took a full hour just to measure and draw out the pattern....
Here are a few more peeks at the progress, and I cannot wait to write the tutorial. I will say that as I have progressed on this project, I have learned a few things along the way that will make things easier for you if you decide to do a chevron/herringbone floor yourself.

This time next week, I should have the floor pretty much done and hopefully will start moving my sewing stuff in!



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