fall! it is here!!!

Good morning! I am rested and ready for this coming new season.... The harvest moon last night had all the wild critters singing, shouting, rustling, and making Fall official! I was able to get all the grass cut before the rain rolled in yesterday, and can't wait for the official dormancy of all the overgrowth out here to happen, as there is still much to try to get a handle on out here.....

We recently had the ol' roof checked out - flashing and the skylight repaired for the upcoming rainy season. We found out from two different roofing companies, that the roof on this old farmhouse is indeed the original roof from 1905. Wow!!! It will be time to get a new one in the next year or so, but for now, we are all set for Winter and amazed at how sturdy old metal roofs were back then!!! They just don't make things like they used to!!

We also had the roof repaired on the large concrete building that will be something of great use to us one day. I plan on closing up the last five little openings (there were 50 total), and I had some people come in to check out the building, as well as work on an estimate to have a new ceiling put in.... little steps to turn this place into more than just dry storage, and hopefully something that can help this farm pay for itself one day...

I also have a little bit of news! Remember Misty used to have a special needs sister named Milly? Well, poor Milly passed away at the age of 4, after no one believed she would make it to her first birthday, and Misty has been a little lost ever since. The 'E' crew - Eli, Ellie, & Ellen are their own little family unit, and even though Ellen is the same age as Misty, Ellen was never handled, allowed to nurse until she was too big, and more attached to her mom than Misty, so that left Misty hanging on her own most of the time after Milly passed.... When Ellen got sick a few months back, I saw that as an opportunity to give her some space in the back yard for a change - some new turf, new grazing space, and also let Misty hang with her, hoping they would finally bond a little... Well.... it turns out, Misty has another sister that needs a place to go. Her owners had been letting her stay with Snow, the mama goat, and she recently passed away. Their owners reached out to me since Misty's sister, Bonnie, is now all alone, to see if I'd be interested in taking her. We will get her Saturday morning to see how it goes with the other goats. I am hoping all goes well and that she settles in rather quickly so that she can live the rest of her life out here with her sister! Misty needs a pal out here!
Well, that is all for now, I just got back from the gym (another 120 floors on the stair mill!! Yes - the MILL. much harder than the stair climber - whew!!), and am off to walk Eddie-bear, check water troughs, and feed chickens before hopping in the shower and heading off to work! I also have a lunch date with an extra special friend, so that will be a good break midway through the day!

Anyway, happy Tuesday!!



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