buh-bye, August......

I have been loving this summer compared to the usual Georgia summers, (milder temps, lots of rain, we got our pool set up earlier) but I am reaaaaallly looking forward to fall weather. This cutting grass once a week is for the birds - especially when there are almost ten acres to maintain out here... it has been taking about 8-10 hours a week just to do the bare minimum (I didn't really think about that part when I was uncovering and clearing all this land) - and I have been slacking the last two weeks, so, I will have my work cut out for me this long three day weekend... Yowza!!
 Anyway, the summer brought us lots of learning the art of time management and maintenance, grilled corn on the cob, learning to weed a garden properly but failing (there is always next year!), practicing selflessness, upping my animal volunteer hours, grilling out every day and eating outside by the pool, perfecting saltwater pool maintenance, playing every other minute we were not doing farm chores, and being thankful that my sweet Eddie is still here and making this summer the best yet.... I honestly did not think he'd still be around, so he got switched from high quality dog food to home-cooked meals of chicken, rice & veggies, and eggs ... He's also been going on more car rides, going on more walks, and getting more cuddle time. He's an old boy, and whatever we can do to make his life the BEST EVERRRRR, we have been doing! Just this week we had a full blood panel, urinalysis, and ultrasound of his old body. The results of the blood and urine found that he has a bladder infection, but if that can be cleared up with a round of antibiotics, he will be good to go! He also said his organs look great with the exception of a little inflammation in the stomach lining. He said Eddie is in GREAT physical shape for a dog his age!
As most people close to me know, I am a list-maker & goal setter.... and you KNOW I am already planning out my fall! The official first day of fall is September 22, 2018.....

Here are a few of the things I am getting into, and a few other things I'd LIKE to get into:

~ a fall garden
~ keeping the pool going until it is too cold
~ a huge yard sale
~ a beach trip for Eddie
~ going for runs when the weather cools off
~ homemade potpourri <3
~ LOTS of hammock time
~ livingroom dance parties with Christian. We used to do these allllll the time!
~ finish painting the large outbuilding

and the most important goal for fall is to learn to live more and be in the moment. With the shorter days, that means the animals 'go to bed' earlier and I wil have a few more hours of 'veg time' each evening....

what are some of the things you look forward to every fall?

 Happy FRIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAY! I am off to the gym...



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