birthday month!!!!! whoop!!

happy august!!! it is my birthday month!!!!! it is a very exciting month - my bestie/ old roomie is flying into town from Maine, and our other old roomie is planning an old school birthday night out just like old times... yip! 

birthday months around here are very special! christian goes all out for my actual birthday with homemade cards, decorations, and this month i turn forty-two on the twelfth!!! what?!?!? YESSS! I am actually excited believe it or not! I feel better than I have in years!

forty-one was not bad either, but i had some weird health issues that i was able to figure out and now all is well.... i had my yearly checkups last week and i am perfectly healthy and had excellent results from my blood panel (yes!)..

I have been working my butt off at the gym, finally gotten into some jeans I haven't been able to wear in quite sometime, and my skin looks and feel amazing - I do NOT feel how I imagined someone in their 40s would feel when I was a youngun' .......

this post is going to include alllllllll the gifts I would LOVE to receive!

jusssssst kidding, but it is fun to dream, and i AM going to write my ultimate wishlist... 

i do always look forward to august.... and if you have tons of money to throw away, these are the things the farm could use ;)

- a tractor with a bushog & tiller

- outbuilding overhaul, which will include 2-3 well built & large kennels for temporary animal         housing if the need arises - i.e. sick goats, very adoptable death row dogs, etc...

- more fencing

- a second well

- a pretty, non-rusted new shiny tin roof

- new flooring

- a nice big greenhouse

- a sweet little picket fence that would allow Eddie to run loose in the from yard... 

anyway, yes - i get carried away with my farm dreams but it is a wonderful way to start the day, right?!?

I hope you all have an awesome wednesday - i have officially begun the countdown to my birthday weekend!!



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