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I have been really wanting to get a Polaroid camera again, but just cannot justify spending the $$ on the film.... I remember back when I used to do my little polaroid art projects, freezing and heating them as they developed, it was $20 for a ten-pack... now it is around $18 for 8 pictures... so, not much of a change, but back then, I felt $2 a pop  was too much... I was sure the price would have gone down by now...but gahhhh-leeeee! Polaroids are soooo fun! I have a little Fuji Instax now, but it just isn't the same....sigh...

I need to pin more... i know it seems like a time suck for some, but I used to get so many cool ideas when i was a regular 'pinner' !! I haven't pinned in a long ass time, but if you'd like to follow me, HERE is my pinterest!
Pippi Longstocking!! YESSSS! I am re-reading this book after about 35 years... and reverting into her stylish ways again!! 

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