monday, monday....

hi! good morning!! i woke up with part of a dream stuck in my head... i dreamt that i found a little scorpion, and it was cute and happy and could suspend itself in the air for several seconds. it wasn't scary at all and i have no idea what that meant... but it was a cute little 'hello kitty' type scorpion... 

well, well....what a weekend! it was supposed to be rainy alllllll weekend, which prompted me to not plan any yard work, (my plans were posted friday HERE) but somehow i was able to get most everything done (i didn't make it to the hardware store to pick out paint, and i didn't make it to the gym) including mowing all the 9 acres ANNNND overhauling the horse pastures (breaking up manure, giving a fresh cut since more rain is on the way, as this makes more healthy grass grow, which means i have had to buy NO HAY this spring or summer so far) !!! 

i also made a dent in the pool cleaning and there's a chance it will be ready next weekend - and you must know this is a little 10' above ground saltwater pool, but it is still a handful.... i have only gotten in a few times this year, and with the month of rain, i let it go to crap - yikes! green, leafy, and soo dirty. last night i was washing off the pool cover, because it has been balled up for the last few months, and the lightening and thunder started, so it did not get put on before the storm.... i am sure some leaves and debris blew in, but hopefully it won't be much to clean. 

i cleaned the loft, got a bunch of yard sale stuff together, picked blueberries, made the most deeeeelish blueberry cake, spent time at the rescue, mowed, mowed, mowed, did a little thrifting and found books for the rescue, as well as a new winter coat, a dress, and a cute new blankie for Eddie, watched the XGames with Christian, visited my mom, and witnessed the most beautiful pre-storm sunset and clouds!

i thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and as much as i am sad it is over, it is time for the long work-filled week... i overslept and didn't make it to the gym this morning, so i will have to make time for it this eve, and then go see my rescue babies. 

i hope you all have a fabulous week - i am already looking forward to next weekend, ha! 



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