Good morning! Monday. A different Monday for me than most! Instead of heading to the office here in a bit, I am heading to the car shop to get my gal serviced. Tire rotation, oil changed, brakes, etc.... The office is getting new carpet today, and that means NO WORK! I'm glad to have a day off because unlike everyone else at work, I drive my personal vehicle and must find time outside of the typical work week to get stuff like this done... And guess what? Most places have typical hours, and Saturday car maintenance would take allllllllll DAY! So, I am hoping the rain holds off, because while my car is in the shop (Christian is off work today and picked me up & will take me to get my car), I plan on getting a few more things done at the farm. I also didn't do my Sunday Sweet Stuff baking yesterday, so that will be on today's list as well. I cleaned the rest of the pecans from last fall, so I am gonna post the recipe for my GF cake-like salted chocolate chip and buttered pecan cookies. They were a HUGE hit at the Indie South Christmas market, so I am glad to share the recipe later this eve (double posts today make up for NONE this weekend!!) gonna do a little more seed germination, and figure out the layout of this year's herb and flower beds - I am moving my setup from the back of the property to the side.... Anyway, it was supposed to be wet and rainy all weekend and lucky for me it was a fine mist! I moved a fenceline, planted some cypress trees, put in time at the rescue, visited a friend's new homestead, and did NOT post any weekend snapshots, so here they are...

Happy Monday! I'll be back later with a fine tuned car, and delish cookies! 



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