...friday.... hello, weekend.

 Yesterday the office got painted work, but no one thought to take into consideration that we have no windows that open, and only two doors. What does that mean? Overwhelming paint fumes, and an unplanned afternoon off! I took full advantage of this sunny afternoon and gave the horses a spa day (complete with hoof cleaning),  a little fencework (which meant no enclosure for the goats for several hours), and some soaking up of vitamin D!!! Here is a look at our sunny afternoon after nearly a week of rain......

 ...nice and fluffy winter coat on Miss Hazel...

 ...the crew took to thinning out the bottom of the magnolia tree so that I can take up the limbs a bit..

Anyway, it is FRIDAAAAAAAAAY! We have more paint happening today, but not in my area, so gonna head to work in a little and see how it goes. I know now that if the headache comes on again, a good dose of fresh air and farm fun is an immediate cure! 



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