!!! new year !!!

Well, 2018 is here and I have so many things I want to pursue this year......

For starters, I am super excited to have a pro gardener on board at the farm to take me through this year and teach me how to better tend a garden. I have succeeded in growing the easy stuff in years past, but am excited to learn and grow more this year! 

We have made such strides in the progress of clearing the land. When we first bought this place, we had one usable acre. By the end of 2014, we had two usable acres. Now, going into 2018, we have around 9 usable acres!!!! I couldn't be more happy! Between the park-like setting on the backside of the property, walking trails that also include a path around the entire property, and a plowed acre ready for learning and growing! In this new phase, I am also learning about rainwater irrigation, as well as hoop houses and winter gardening - something I have yet to be able to be successful at. I am really optimistic about being able to eat from the farm more than ever in years past! 

I have a few more small goals and tidbits I am gonna run through quickly here before I head out for morning chores....

~ sew more
~ dust off my camera and use it (I don't think I used it once last year on the farm! - all blog photos of the farm have been taken with the iPhone)
~ learn more carpentry skills
~ a little bit more cleaning up on the cleared land - trimming limbs, etc.
~ maybe add some more color on the walls of our house
~ practice being on time .... 
~ try to NOT allow the front and back porch be 'catch alls'  - right now both porches are A MESS. 

...and now, a few pics from the last few days...
...and you all know, my guy is NOT a fan of any social media, so, no pics of him - but here is my lovely mama! <3

Eddie and his treasure!


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