Saturday Snapshots (yeah, it's Sunday)

Well, well, well... it is the last morning of 2017, and I am finally getting around to my first post since October - it's been a while! (snapshots from yesterday will follow this little recap of what has been happening the last two months)

The farm has been busy, the potion making has kept me even busier, and then Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I pushed the blog to the wayside for a bit.....

Anyhow, here it is, early-morning on December 31, 2017. A little recap of happenings on the farm since I was here last....

We have a new project and a new plan for one acre of the property..... I have partnered with an amazing woman with an experienced green thumb, and I will share those plans in time! 

I have continued my project of clearing all the overgrowth, brambles, and weeds to uncover the most beautiful land to share for camping, relaxing, hosting, and enjoying..... We also have a few more hammocks hanging about on the property... We have started a little irrigation project that involves catching rainwater off the huge colorful 1300 sq ft outbuilding and into two huge tanks for storage for watering the gardens.... slowly but surely things are coming to fruition of my original vision of this place when I bought it back in 2014!! 

We drained our sweet little salt-water pool, and before we could actually put it away, Rose saw her way into the backyard and completely shredded it to pieces. I like to imagine she was casually just trotting along being nosey and then stepped on it and then all hell broke loose. I mean it was literally shredded - like she totally spooked herself while standing right smack in the middle of it..... Anyway, it was funny, and we have a brand new one bought at the end of season on clearance to get up and filled for next summer....

The ol' Ford F100 decided to give me some fits this month and left me stranded a few times, but a new starter, solenoid switch, and battery, and I think she is good to go for a bit!

We still have our tree up, and will most likely have it up until it is a fire hazard ;) .... I will post a few pics soon of how beautiful it is. We got the fattest tree on the lot, and the fattest tree we have ever had, and I am loving the ginormous chubby tree taking up so much floor space in our little 900 sq ft farmhouse! 

So.... now here it is, New Years Eve... y'all got plans? I think I am gonna hold off on the "Sweet Stuff Sunday' post until the first Sunday of 2018, and watch The Hateful Eight instead, have a little cider, a little wine, and watch the free fireworks show that the neighbors put on every year. 

Tomorrow we are doing the usual - cabbage, blackeyed peas, cornbread, and throwing a little golden tofu in the mix to start out the year on a meatless Monday. Then , it is back to the normal grind of the workweek and farmlife. 

....and now.... the snapshots from yesterday! 

Eli had to be a little badass and actually rammed the lawntractor while I was mowing his field!!! YES!!! He rammed it while I was on it - head on! So, he got to free-range until I was through... 

I will be back tomorrow with my New Year's goals and dreams, so...... SEE YA NEXT YEAR! <3


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