want/ need/ hear/ read

Candy corns!!! And lots of them! Thank goodness for Fresh Market and their organic candies! I get really excited about little things when the chill of autumn comes around!! I actually think that this weekend's cake will be adorned with them..... yummm...

I need to get motivated to exercise. I am absolutely loving these chilly mornings, and I think this weather is jussssst the push I need to get my butt in gear and get back to a little early morning fitness routine.......I spy brisk walks watching the sun come up every morning that it is not raining!

...so.... with the passing of the legendary Tom Petty, today's hear  is a list of my favorite 23 songs by him either solo, or with the Heartbreakers or Traveling Wilburys.....

My friend Holly, got me this book last year... It always is a good read... Who doesn't need a refresher when it comes to being mindful? ;) 

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