eeeeek! autumn is here!

It is the first Wednesday of October. Although things are looking really hopeful on the home-front here,  I am feeling the crunch to get things started in preparation for the winter months.... We will definitely be living quite frugally as the added expense of hay kicks in....

October means less and less grass and making sure everyone has a secure shelter from the ice storms we get down here in the south. Hurricane Irma took out the goat shelter in the beginning of September, and Christian helped me disassemble it yesterday evening. This weekend I hope to start the rebuilding process, but I am going to change the location of their shelter. We shall see how that goes...

My lawn tractor is also out of commission. I have no idea what is wrong with it, and need to get if fixed, like yesterday.... 10 acres and a push-mower, doesn't even come close to being doable. That little lawn tractor helps with the horse manure, 'training' the grass in newly cleared areas, and it is just makes the work that has to be done out here a little fun ;)

One of the reasons I love the winter out here, is because it gives me an opportunity to see potential in the overgrowth and taken over inaccessible areas on the property. Little by little over the last few years, I have used winter to expand on my usable land. Last year, I took back around two acres that I had never even been able to step foot on. This spring and summer, I 'trained' the grass to grow in that area, and this winter, I plan to cut all the low limbs from the trees in this area so that they can be mowed around more easily, and be used as shade trees next year! I also have a few more hammocks to put up on the property!

I am going to fill you in on some projects Christian and I will attempting to tackle this fall and winter....

~ rebuild goat shed
~ drain the pool and pack it up until next year (It was sooooo freakin' NICE!!!)
~ clean out hay barn (while all the snakes are sleeping!)
~ fill up hay barn
~ taking down an old privacy fence that sits in front of an outbuilding
~ taking down fences and expand grazing areas
~ finish blocking up old kennel/ storage building
~ finish clearing out & painting desks that are in storage building
~ make building into a usable space that can be valuable, possibly income producing (workshop for rent, event space, studio space)
~ fence in new fields

I am hoping that I can give updates at least weekly about the ongoing projects here on the farm. Maybe Monday mornings will be the perfect time to do that - along with my coffee sipping after Eddie's early morning poop walk...

I am happy it is Wednesday, happy to have cooler weather in the evenings - Christian and I hardly broke a sweat taking what was left of the goat shelter down, a new IG challenge (#100DaysOfGratitude), and lots of optimism and hope for the months ahead! See you back here tomorrow for the 'want/need/hear/read' segment which will contain my most favorite Tom Petty songs of all time - I will try to limit the playlist, but it will be hard...

Also, if there is anyone local that wants to come out and help with burn piles, land clearing, barn cleaning, I am always down for extra hands and curious folks that want to learn what 'tending to' land is all about!


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