saturday snapshots

This morning, I picked up a friend's FOUR CHILDREN (yes, you read that right) and headed off to Bishop, GA to go work on ceramic Christmas presents for the kiddos' mom - there were an additional four more children there as well.... This was one of those things that I would consider is a big deposit in my 'good karma' account. I ended up having a great time, but at the end of the day, I was glad I was handing them back over to their mama. I was just not wired to be in the mama position. I am more of the really fun, super cool auntie position. The one that lets you eat lots of doughnuts and drink sodas, you know that aunt... 

Anyway, here are pics from the day. The first half was spent with these super cool kids, where I picked them up bright and early at 7:30am... the rest of the pics are when I got home around 3 - pics of MY KIDS. Eddie, Rose, & Hazel... the goats got left out of these photos, simply because I just forgot my phone when I was in their field...

^^^^^^^^^^^ - oh, yes I did..... good night! It has been a lonnnnnng day. 


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