Monday, Monday....

Monday morning.... Rainy, messy, and wet, Monday morning. It is totally a galoshes kind of day. Eddie and I just came in from a nice long, wet walk, and now I am off to get ready for the work day...

The weekend was really good. I got to spend some time with a friend's kiddos making art (they were making secret Christmas presents for their mama) - this could be one of the biggest reasons I am craving and posting about beer ;) , I went for a long Sunday dirt road walk with the neighbor, visited my awesome mama, got my calender for holiday markets alllllll organized, repaired a faulty part of the electric horse fence, cleaned off back porch and put up Christmas lights, and made a biscuit-like blueberry and cinnamon cobbler.

Our winters down here in Georgia are notorious for being wet, and this morning I am already making plans to clean off our front porch - it is a complete catch-all every time I need to make room in my car for something... I believe this evening, since it will most likely be still raining, I will clean off the front porch and PUT UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Yes!!! I have the fever. It has been a weird year, filled with lady part problems, a bad dog bite, doctors visits, anemia, and broken things at the farm. I am soooooo ready for year end celebrations and the magic of Christmas. 

yeah, yeah, these are all holiday beer ads. That is because I have not had the chance to enjoy a beer in over 6 months due to the anemia and health problems, antibiotics for dog bite, etc....so yes, come November, I am totally gonna be enjoying myself a beer when we get our tree after Thanksgiving!!!! I am just fantasizing til then, ok?! 

Happy wet, rainy, messy Monday, y'all. 



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