100 Days of Gratitude

I am a huge believer in the power of positive energy.... For healing, for succeeding, for making dreams come true, etc...

I actually acquired this farm in my first participation of the 100 Happy Days challenge, when actually buying a home wasn't even a thought in my head (I was a very happy renter), and I wasn't even aware this little slice existed!

So, having participated in the '100 Days of Happy' then, and even attempted a time or two in the last few years, and got sidetracked or distracted, and abandoned it before it was complete, I am ready for another challenge.... I have never done a gratitude challenge that was longer than a few weeks, but here lately, I have managed to be thankful on a daily basis for various things...

Yesterday, I was about to go visit my mom, when I got a text from my brother that included an old 70s rock song that had left an impression on him - a song that he remembered our daddy listening to...a song he told me to add to my list of 'Daddy songs'... I realized at that moment, how awesome it was, the connection my brother and I have. It was just the day before, that I was feeling nostalgic about dad's love of music. We can physically be miles apart, but our hearts are on similar pages.

I came home and shared with Christian, and that opened up a whole conversation about Turtles Records & Tapes - the record store where my dad dropped a whole lotta cash on his love of music...

My first day of gratitude is dedicated to the memories of dad's music, the stamp books, and Turtles Records & Tapes, because so much of my childhood was spent in that store or in line there waiting with my mom for concert tickets. <3

I will share my pieces of gratitude with a simple picture on my IG after this initial post with the hashtag #100daysofgratitude if any of you want to participate as well! I am gonna go ahead and say that today's gratitude is gonna be the crisp cool mornings that autumn brings! We have our windows open, and I am in a long sleeved wintery gown! Brrrrrr!!! Happy Monday, y'all!! 



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