saturday & sunday snipets

I love love LOVE our little setup out at the farm... I actually enjoy doing most of the chores, I finally got my little saltwater pool, and aside from having to rebuild the goat's hut, I look forward to the projects and potential this place holds.... I have been absent for the last week, and I had somewhat of a little accident with one of the pups at the rescue, which resulted in a nasty bite, BUT this evening, it is much better and has decided to stop throbbing. Yeah, it put a little damper on my gardening project, but that is life, right? How you deal when a wrench is thrown in the mix is pretty damn important too, right? Last weekend, we had a few little visitors, a guest in the loft, and some really great news that I can't share on here just yet.... In the meantime, here is a look back at the week in iPhone photos.....

My sweetest old man Eddie-bear. <3
Little yellow weed-flower.
It is almost pool time!
Goats on the run!
big snake skin found in one of the outbuildings. Natural rodent control. This pretty snake came from Neat Pieces. I drove out to pick it up so it/ she would stop scaring Peggy Sue :)
Rose & Hazel
...the neighbor's yard...
sunset: the lawn of the workshop
Neighbor's grandkids came by to see the animals...
Eli made a run for it.
pretty weeds.
pretty thorny.
Beatle goats.
home sweet home.
a little Gidget and a big Hazel.
Cedar sprig snacks.
Sweet Nasrin.... Little rescue sweetheart.
Treasure. Yup. That's her name.... and she is quite the treasure indeed.
Luna and Annie. Luna is a new resident at the rescue...
Nigel. Another pup that only a few can walk....
I decided against posting any pics of my finger. Gusto felt bad enough without it being posted all over social media. I am sure i grossed you out if I have your cell number. ;)

Happy Monday evening, y'all! 



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