saturday snapshots

 Mornings on the farm are my favorite.... I haven't done the Saturday Snaphots in a few weeks, and in anticipation of a few young visitors this morning, I was moving a few of the goats to the backyard for maximum kid-friendly playtime with Misty and Ellie.... of course I had my phone on me, and these were some I snapped before the visitors arrived....

 ....my poor coop...... It takes a daily beating from Eli.
 Pancha girl!
 Rose... <3 (and Hazel back there walking up the hill)
 Misty sunning in the field she managed to escape to all by herself.....

 I spent a good part of the day at my moms. This is Austin. He is my doggie brother ;) He LOVES lounging.... can ya tell?
I am off to bed! I was able to recruit a few more volunteers for the rescue, so have been there all evening and am feeling about like Austin looks above!



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