monday, monday.....blah.

It was a great weekend and I got a lot accomplished even with all that rain. One of them being goat field expansion....I also started a workout routine! Eeeeesh. Yeah. I had to.... I do pretty well with the walking and physical work just being active at the farm, but I still somehow am managing to get flabbier than I like.

Lunges. Weights. Sprints. Pushups. Situps. These are my staples.

Yeah. It is time. We shall see if I get so buff that I start having the weekly 'worn' installments again....

Until then, here are little bits of the happenings from Sunday, starting with the Sunday Sweet Stuff.....check yesterday's post for full recipe.
New expansion of goat field means fighting through some milk thistle.....
New expansion area! 
.....annnnnd I finished cleaning the loft! Well, almost. Still have to cull some clothing from the herd.

Sunset on the dirtroad.....
Well, HAPPY MONDAY! Here's to another week! 



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