Weekend Snapshots...

 What a beautiful and much needed weekend escape to the beach! It all started with a Friday night run to the feed store to get all the essentials.....
 ...then the instructions for feeding while I was away.... Yeah, I am a little OCD about the animals routines, but this little detail, I learned a few weeks ago from a friend while I was tending to their animals in their absence... pretty neat!
 ...and then off to the beach it was! All set with a matching set of cheap sunglasses and off we go!
 I am so lucky to have THE BEST sister-in-law!! The three of us hadn't been together on the beach in SIX YEARS - and my brother drove us all down, so napping and laughing and no attention to the road was really nice!
 ..and how could we resist a little photoshoot in the midst of this beauty?!?!?

 I also got to snag about an hour with my beach bunny bestie.... This time last year mom and I were at the same beach attending her wedding!
 ...then we took a little tour of this place....
 Read all about the history HERE
 I was in awe so much that after the first few pics, I didn't take anymore.. bummer. But the history here is CRAZY!!
 ...then after a short and fun getaway.....
 I was back home to reality. Coming home to a sunset like this wasn't too shabby, either ;)
 They were all glad to have me back and said Christian did a great job tending to them while I was gone!

 ...and of course, my Eddie Bear couldn't get enough attention upon my return.... Well, I am off to bed - Hello, new week!

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