catch up snapshots....

I mentioned yesterday when doing the catchup 'sweet stuff' post, that I had been involved in a few projects which has kept me a little busier than normal.... well, later this week, I will update you all on that. For now, here are a few snapshots from the last week and weekend:

 new dress from Indie South store in Normaltown!

 ...nature finds...
 ....and then there was this last minute idea to dress up for Halloween.... Doralee Rhodes showed up to work ... Bahahaha!

 ....and just LOOK AT CHAMP!! He hit the senior pup lotto with his new family!!
 Here is Pancha.... Always hanging out right next to the fox's den. She worries me by doing this, but the fox has had it's den over there for two years and counting. I am assuming they have an agreement by now, because with her limited sight (having just one eye and all), and the fact that she is still around AND walking so close to it's home, it really is a miracle she's still around.

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