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I want so badly to try to have a winter garden this year... I think I may have waited too late to start germinating for winter, but I am still gonna give it a go this evening when I get home. It can't hurt - I mean I already have tons of seeds, peat moss for indoor starting, and empty garden beds that were summer crops that were wiped out by the bunnies!!
I need to get my butt in gear and have a yard sale soon. With the cooler temps coming, I tend to have more projects that get started outside here that need $$$. All of my horse fencing was done in late Fall, as was the transformation and clean-out of the old hog pen, which became a nice sized run-in for the horses. In a few months, I will decide if I want to double the size of the run-in, or make a little garden shed. I think with the little amount of gardening I actually do, it will more than likely be the expansion of the run-in for the horses. Hazel is the dominant one in the field, so she always gets first dibs.... If I expand it, they will each have their own shelter from wind, rain, etc....

I ordered this book,  NOMA, Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine,  a few years ago, but was completely intimidated by the thing! It has beautiful and amazing photographs, and what this chef does is pure magic and passion.... and even landed his place the title of Number One restaurant in the world. Last week I caught Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" and it was all about NOMA. I watched the episode and am gonna pick up this work of art once again... Rene Redzepi is so fun to watch and listen to - the things he creates are 'out there' and I by no means will ever attempt to recreate, but do plan on being a bit more adventurous in making my own foods!

Check out this preview of the episode and if you can catch it on tv, it will blow your mind - in the meantime, just buy the book! 

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