Wow!!! The mornings have been AMAZING!! It is 4:45am as I am typing this and I have just sat down with a fresh, piping hot cup of coffee, and the windows are open.....


I haven't done this in a lonnnnng time, so I am going to go through a typical weekday, mostly because at this very moment, I couldn't be more excited that the work-week is almost over....

4am: alarm goes off. I wake up, and just lay in bed for 30 minutes trying not to go back to sleep.

4:30: I force myself up, and put on water for the coffee. I then lay on the couch and sometimes DO doze off until the kettle whistles- my second alarm. I make my coffee, surf the web, blog, or Instagram until:

5:15: then, I throw on some workout clothes, take Eddie out and finally get to the gym by...

5:45: gym! I made it!! I listen to my booty music while going nowhere fast- on the elliptical, then do a few weights.

7am: I'm back home to check the animals' water and dole out any hay if needed, then let the chickens out.

7:15: shower, get dressed, mascara, lip stuff.

7:40: pack my lunch, fill up water bottles for the day while I'm at work.

8am- 4pm, although the last several weeks I have stayed til 4:30 or even 5pm: I am at my job all day. I eat lunch at my desk and pretty much am parked at my desk for a solid 8 hours....which is why when I get home at .....

4:30pm-8:30pm: I squeeze in as much as I possibly can!! This includes:
- cooking dinner
- spending time with the indoor animals
- heading outside to absorb the evening sun, air, and good vibes from the farm animals and the farm- sometimes that means taking a nap in the hammock.
- getting supplies/feed from the feed and tack store or getting groceries for us
- lawn work
- and with any time after the animals get put up for the night, I sew, do my online classes, or watch bad television with Christian!

....and here are some snapshots of yesterday outside of work:

I put some peppers and tomatoes in the crockpot along with some chicken in the morning before work so that I could come home at the end of the day and enjoy some awesome chicken tacos!!

 ...slow cooked for 8 hours..
 ...this is my view from my papasan chair....
 ...can you feel the mood? Pure love.
 After dinner, I had my coffee and did a little seed germinating....
 ...then headed outside for normal horse doting and chores...
 yes, life can be hectic, but it is also very, very good to me....
 ....the horsey path...
 ...and here it is the end of the third Summer here, and I am STILL finding these ol' rusty nails all over the place!!
 ...thanks for the scare, spidey. Not cool.

Anyway,  happy Friday!!!!



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