It is September 1!
Only 115 days til Christmas!!!! Ahhh! Lots of things happening this month! I start back the "Sweet Stuff Sunday" segment and this Sunday's treat is gonna be a good one! Also I am pretty sure I can tell that cooler temps are coming and I am ready to be able to turn on the attic fan and open the windows.. I am planning Christian's birthday surprises which is this month - let's just hope I can keep it secret. I am horrible with surprises. I just get too excited. Every single time.

I would like to kick off the month's first post with a few things. An idea for sewing, an article I came across about dogs and how they can understand human speech better than we thought, a show to binge watch if you have HBOGo and like Laura Dern and Luke Wilson, this new thing I want to try called the Pomodoro technique, and IT IS WORLD LETTER WRITING DAY!!! So send someone a little note - just drop a line in the mail or leave a handwritten letter for someone to find....and happy Thursday! I am ready for this three day weekend!! Labor Day, baby!! Which translates into binge watch tv, eat yummy snacks, and hang with my guy - because he is off work too! 

I have been itching to get back to my sewing desk to actually create something new. I am always altering, or repairing, or something that makes it feel more like work than fun. This evening, I plan on starting on some cute cafe' curtains for the kitchen! We have boring white blinds in there now - the ol' cheap kind that came with the house..Well, anyway, I plan on brightening up the kitchen and am going to start with some homemade window treatments! I have been looking at little cafe curtains and am gonna use fabric that I already have, so they will be fun to make AND free!! I just need to put up the rods. A few that I have found that I like:

This is a pretty little reading piece....
It turns out, dogs may understand more than what we give them credit for..... Of course, the beautiful Golden Retriever lured me to reading this article in the first place, but it is quite an interesting read....
(click image for article and photo source)

This was a pretty cool show that I wish would have gotten renewed. Boo.
I really miss "Enlightened". Did you ever watch it? If not, I suggest you queue it up on HBOGo and give it a go. It only lasted two seasons, but was such a good series. Check out the trailer for season 1 below:

"Levi, who am I?"

"Who are you?"

"Yeah, am I crazy?"

"No. You are just full of hope. You got more hope than most people do - it's a beautiful thing to have a little hope for the world, ya know?"

Has anyone ever heard of this technique?

I know most of you think I am crazy with the amount that I can seem to squeeze into my time, but I still think my time could be spent more efficiently. 
I came across the Pomodoro technique when Taylor was here this weekend and read her what it was, and we watched the video contained in the informative link above. She thought I was crazy! Anyway, I am going to try this because out of all the things I do in a day, I find it hard to get in any sewing time.... and I do really enjoy it. Also when the days get shorter, I tend to want to go to bed at 7pm because my summer schedule runs on daylight time. I get done with the animals stuff around 8:30 or 9 and go to bed, so automatically that is also what I want to do in Fall and Winter - which will be a perfect time to have some coffee and try this out. If any of you have tried it, please let me know what you think!

.......and last but not least, today is World Letter Writing Day!!! 

I have a few things already waiting for the postman! I have made it a habit to catch up with my friends via snail mail since the beginning of this year and I absolutely LOVE it!! I get really into it - like I have three different kinds of stamps, loads of different types of cards/ stationary - the works, pretty much! Try it!! Brighten someone's day and see what happens! I am hooked. 

That is all for me for now. Catch you tomorrow! 



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