frugal fashionable friday!

Howdy!! I am so glad it is Friday!!!! Three day weekend!!! Anyway, I found this Mexican mumu, at Goodwill, and had to have it. Yeah, it is hard to pull off wearing a mumu in public, but I feel like I have three that I can wear and not look like a cow. This one is on the fence in that regard - it is definitely shapeless, and not very flattering, but I love this shade of green. It also has a nice colorful peacock on it! Some of the mumus I have can be belted, but this one, with all the embroidery on it, just doesn't look right belted...

The hat came from a thrift store I stumbled across with my sister. It is tucked back in a very junky area of hwy 138 between my house and hers. The shoes I just got last week from Modcloth. They were on clearance (of course!) and are still available if any of you are interested. They are comfy, true to size, and cute little strappy platform sandals. So in all this get up, with hat and shoes was under $30! (if you want to order the shoes for yourself, they still have all sizes available - I just checked and HERE IS THE LINK. $14.99 really is a steal for cute platforms like these!)

Mexican mumu, thrifted, $6
black velvet hat, thrifted, $6
strappy platforms, Modcloth, $14.99

Here is where you can get the $15 shoes!!!!

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