the big 4-0.

So August 12, 2016 at 2:08pm, I turned the big 4-0. 
No longer a thirty-something and the last few days have been AMAZING! 

40.... Wow!! At 2:08pm on August 12, 1976, my sweet little 18-year old mama pushed me out into the world. She would be a constant example for me to be a strong, loyal, and determined kiddo. When I was a kid, she would send me right back out the door to go stand up for myself if I somehow let another kid take advantage of my kindness. She taught me how to be tough when I needed to be and how to kill with kindness when people tried to get the best of me. She taught me to love thunderstorms because they were something that we would never have any power over, so why be afraid of them? She taught me what unconditional love was when I tested every single fiber of her being in my teenage years. She gave me enough freedom as a kid and teenager so that I could learn life's lessons but still be protected under her watch. She encouraged me to do whatever it was I wanted to pursue in life. She made sure that me and my brother loved and respected one another (and I am so proud of how close we are as adults). After my parents split, I saw her struggle as a single mother raising me and my brother, while working two jobs. It took me until I was out on my own and working a job myself to realize the strength and determination that woman had. The drive to never give in or give up, no matter what the situation was. She saved me emotionally last year when I was dealing with my dad's sudden death. She was there for me any way I needed her to be. She gives THE BEST advice. She means the world to me, and I am so grateful every single day of my life that she is still my best friend.

40 feels good - here is what has happened so far...

~Last Wednesday, I had a birthday trip to IKEA! Complete with swedish meatballs and chocolate cake! 

~ Thursday, was spent working then coming home and watching Eddie play with his new IKEA piggy and watching Charlotte's Web. Ohhhh, how I love this old cartoon!!!! Then it was out for some farm pics. The sunset was gorgeous and the grass was so lush and green from the days of rain we have been having, I rotated Rose & Hazel onto a field of fresh grass!

~ Friday (my actual birthday), I was advised of a manager's lunch meeting. Well!! Turned out to be a surprise birthday lunch at The Last Resort!! Complete with the most delicious slice of Cecilia's cake.

....after work, I came home to let my sweet Eddie out, walk for a quick visit with Rose, and have a quick cup of coffee before heading over to my mama's house for birthday family time, and while I was gone, Christian decorated the house!! It was spectacular!!!  So far so good! I don't feel 40 AT ALL.

Yesterday was a real milestone, though!! I got in the saddle at my friend Holly's place. Yes. I sat on and took a little ride around the arena on the beautiful Zella..... my first time ever!!! 

After I came home from riding MY FIRST HORSE EVERRRRRRR, Christian had bbq from Pulaski Heights BBQ waiting on me and oh, was it deeeeelish! 

After dinner, we made a late night Target trip to use up a gift card that my sweet mama got me  - she knows I never go to Target anymore, because  I get sidetracked and always get things I don't need, so this trip was ALL for the things I don't need - ha! Here are some more random shots from the big 40!

...and that is the recap of this fabulous week! I plan on having an equally fabulous Sunday as well! Here are a few exciting (not!) things I want to accomplish today before starting back the work week...

~mowing the yard 
~breaking up all the horse poo
~a little organizing in my sewing loft
~eat more cake
~a lonnnnnnnnnng evening bath

Happy Sunday and thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was really a great one! 



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