Midweek Mix Tape...by Holly GoLightly!

This week's mix tape comes from Holly GoLightly. Christian turned me onto her music when we first started dating, and I enjoyed following her on Facebook - she was also a fellow animal lover (that actually lived close by) and it was fun seeing her posts about her farm crew. When I decided I was going to take in Rose, Holly and I exchanged messages about fencing, adequate field size, who to contact for hauling her here from my dad's, etc. (because it is very obvious from her FB that she has a plethora of horse knowledge - and I had ZERO) After Rose was at our home, she offered to give me some basics in handling to keep me safe. What? Holly GoLightly? Why YES. 

Now, I am happy to call her a dear friend. So dear in fact, that she made Christian and I a mix of some of her favorite music after a night of fun conversation that revolved around.... yes, music. You may want to bookmark this page, because I hear it is rare she makes mixes for people... and I feel extremely lucky! This is just a smidgen of what she left with us, but maybe I can convince her to make more mixes on down the line....shake and shimmy your way to the weekend with this....


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