Friday!!! Yip!!

With all the excitement of the new guys being at the farm, visiting with long lost friends, catching up with Christian (who was out of town for a week), my classes, work, AND my garden coming along (finally), I have been putting this here ol' blog on the back burner.... I regularly post on Instagram if you ever are just dying to know what's happening at the farm, but for now, here is a little recap of the last few days....

I have finally gotten the push I needed to get my garden going. Yeah, I know it's a bit late in the year, but better late than never. I will be posting pics this weekend probably. The tomatoes and peppers went in about 3 weeks ago and last week I put in some peas, beans, and cucumbers. Last night I put in a few of my straggler tomatoes (everything was started from seed BY ME!!!), a few cantaloupes, okra, and this weekend I will put in my baby watermelon plants! 

The new crew has been adjusting fine, and aside from the goats getting jealous of the rye hay being fed morning and night, they are happy to have new neighbors.

Rose and Hazel are doing great and every day seem to get even closer. 

Eddie had a bad last few days, but seems to be improving. They call it geriatric vestibular disease. Pretty common for an old boy like him. Lots of encouragement and stimuli seem to be the key. I just took him for a walk and he seems better than yesterday. All in all, things are good and now it's Friday!!

Here are a few snapshots from my phone yesterday:

Eddie at the Vet. It is a bit far from my house, but I love this place. If you need a reccomendation for a small animal vet, I highly recommend The Vet at Blue Ridge
They have taken great care of all my cats and dogs. Totally in it for the cause - here, it's not all about the money.
 Big G and Plum.... I caught G in mid head shake. Boy looks like he's modeling with that pouty lip and that mane shake...
 Misty helping me in the back yard while I was working in the garden....She keeps the apple trees pruned so that I can get under them with my mower with no problems ;)
 Eli. What more is there to say?
 Cool as a cucumber Ellie. Straw hanging out the mouth and all. Not a care in the world....
 Magnolia flower....
 A tiny little horse named Taffy.... I am SOOOO loving having her out here! I will hate to see her go!
 Blackberry GALORE ripening in the sun.....
 My first felfie with Plum. She's a sweetheart.
Happy Friday - see you guys tomorrow! 



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