Saturday & Sunday Snapshots on Monday Morning.....

 This weekend I :

Had a jam-packed Saturday and a very lazy Sunday. I mean I did the bare minimum Sunday. No yard work, no cleaning, just basic animal chores and even snuck in a long midday nap!

Completely changed my garden setup (again) - but this one is THE one and won't be changed again! It is deer-proof, but not bunny proof, so I am hoping they don't destroy my very first garden here...

Went to a yardsale and had a couple of cows follow me. I asked the people if the cows were pets, and they said no, so I guess they were just drawn to me...

Had a meal prepared by a friend that spanned four country's traditional foods...

Had a surprise visit from my grandma and mama!!

Took Eddie to the vet because his poor allergies flared up so bad, he couldn't keep his eyes open.

Visited my goat guru.... and saw some baby goats.... Awwwww!!

We celebrated 'Record Store Day' by listening to records allllll weekend. Christian works at a record store, so we celebrate it every day pretty much. I did however pick up a couple of cool 45s at a yard sale Saturday morning-  Star Wars and the Gremlins, that we listened to!

 I love this one because it looks as if Eli is meaning to make a funny photo-bomb face.... which he probably actually is. He cannot stand for anything to get more attention than him. Even a few flowers....
 oh, ok, Eli - let me get a good one of YOU. ;)

 I totally had a fit with the weed cloth that didn't really prevent weeds.... Can ya tell? No more weed cloth, but just more elbow grease from here on out. Maybe I will save the cloth and put it down in winter or after I am done with the garden. Not too sure how well I will do with all the bunnies around, but I am hoping this first year treats me well!

 I have been slowly training this little bit of blackberry to grow into the garden fence so that we can actually pick them this year without getting pricked too much!
 It looks pretty on the backside of the garden, eh?
 I hung the gate this weekend.... Again, another gate from my dad's place.  <3
 ...a few of the babies from my goat lady's place.

 ...and you KNOW I just had to feed one while I was there!
Ellie, playing cool with a piece of straw hanging out of her mouth....
 Poor boy after getting home yesterday morning from an emergency vet visit.... I was so relieved to hear it was just seasonal allergies. He got some hydrocortisone drops and is drinking lots of raw goat milk to help with this flare-up!
 ...This is an old picture from the record store, but since 'Record Store Day' was Saturday, I am sticking it in this post!
 and the last one.... the pecan trees are finally getting their leaves! Yay! 
Well, that is all for now - sorry I was too lazy to blog allllllllll weekend. NOT! I am happy to have my help back at work this week. Last week was HARD! Happy Monday to you!! 



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