it's been a minute.

I haven't posted here like I like to do in the last week.  I've been brainstorming some new ideas for our life at the farm. As I have said before, this is my first Spring here and the inspiration I am getting from this cool crisp time of the year has been ahhhhhhmazinnng! Christian and I have been having fun dreaming about 'could be's and would be's' and everything in between....

I pretty much took the whole weekend off from blogging altogether and just did my really quick 'weekly roundup' on Friday and my usual 'Saturday Snapshots', just with no written content really....

It was good though. Friday evening after work, I met up with Christian for dinner and then afterwards, I showed him how awesome the new backyard fence was - we actually really don't see much of each other during the week, and when we do, it is after dark, so this was his first time actually seeing the fenced yard!

Saturday was breakfast with a friend, yard sales and then a horse lesson, and then Sunday was lunch with my awesome sis-in-law, my stepdad helped me with some mechanical stuff with my truck.....
(this was a moment that I just HAD to pause for - and snap a pic!! I was following my stepdad to the auto repair shop and this scene was PERFECT!)
 after the auto shop ....... well, let me just tell ya.... I won tickets to see Guns & Roses off the radio!!!!

What?!?!? YES! I have been obsessing over this show for MONTHS. I was speaking about how I was a little upset five months ago on THIS POST about the original lineup not being complete with Izzy and Steven Adler, but as long as Slash and Duff are on board with Axl, I am soooooo excited!

After my freak out over winning tix, I had a friend and her daughter come by for some animal visits.

Christian and I both enjoyed time with our sweet Amanda and her daughter. It was a good way to end the weekend. When friends have kids and families, it becomes harder to keep that connection, but when the time allows for it, it is always nourishing to the soul.

We kicked Sunday evening's butt with some pizza, chips and dip, soda, and Shahs of Sunset (awful reality television) - yes, our guilty pleasure.

Last night we watched our usual 'Monday Night Crap' which consists of more Bravo reality TV. The new season of 'Southern Charm' just started, and it is so dramatic and hilarious. Those high society Charlestonians sure know how to make this girl laugh...

I hope your Monday flew by as mine did - I am at the office by myself alllllllll week while my sidekick is off exploring and camping the southeastern coast! 


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