goodness will guide us when love is inside us.

Happy last day of April. I cannot believe tomorrow is already MAY!!!!
It's late, and I was so caught up and loving this day, that I almost forgot to speak of it here on the blog.... I am feeling a lot of things, so I am warning that when I feel this way, I tend to ramble and this post will go all over the place before it lands on my point.

Today I met with a very close friend and over a beer and lunch, we caught up. Life happens to the best of us, and sometimes it is easy to allow our friendships to get put on the back burner....
It's easy to be so caught up in our own lives that we tend to think we don't need friendships like we used to. Me anyway, over the last several years, I have sort of reclused into my own little fairy tale out in the sticks of Winterville. I have Christian, I have my animals, the land to get lost in projects on, and now even this new venture of horsemanship as well as my online classes.

When we bought this house, it was such a breath of fresh air compared to the hectic and loud lifestyle we left of living right downtown. It was nice to be in the middle of so many options for dinner, coffee, or even to walk to a bar for a drink, but year after year, the loudness of college kids stumbling past our house was getting to us - not to mention gamedays...... a whole other world of misery....

When we moved into this place, it became very easy to park my car on Friday evening after work, and never get in it again until Monday morning. There was a peace, tranquility, and we live on a dirt road that some days, we never see a car go down.... I started sinking more and more into hermit mode, and loved it that way. I would occasionally meet a friend for breakfast, or a friend would come out, but for the most part, I kind of forgot how to hold onto a friendship.

I have said this next part many times, but in regard to my own relationship with Christian. Relationships are sometimes confused with something that we just 'have' - when in reality, they are something that we are growing. Ever evolving, and fluid, and LIVING and has it's own needs. Just like with any living thing, it needs to be nurtured and fed in order to keep it alive and well. I have remembered this about my relationship with Christian - and my family, but had somehow forgotten it with my friendships. Then my dad passed away suddenly and it was a shock to my system and a reminder that time is not a guarantee, but a gift. One that can be snatched at any moment. It was a rude awakening and a reality check and I was glad that in my relationship with my dad, that we had made our relationship healthy the last few years. You all know how last year went, I lived out of town, then Baby died, etc., but when I did come back home, I started making a real effort to feed all of my relationships better.

Anyway, back to my meeting with my friend today. We talked about so much. One of the topics of conversation was how when a person is satisfied with their life, they tend to put off good energy into others lives. I am not saying that there is nothing more I want from life - there are lots of things that could make my life easier - BUT in the big picture, I am happy with where I am at and constantly striving to make every day count. I believe in the Karma bank. I also believe in the Golden Rule. And I also believe in words that are the title of this post.... (if you get where it came from, bravo)

Life is short, live it good.
Be nice, be sweet, and love as much as possible.

We ended our lunch date with the nice big screen experience of Purple Rain. Christian met us there, and we all had drinks called 'Purple Rain' - ha! I must say it was my first time ever having a liquor drink while watching a movie on the big screen.... This late, late night, as I type, is what it is all about. It feels good. It affects every aspect of my life. Relationships. Friendships. That is living. That is life. Sharing it with loved ones is what makes the world go 'round....



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