I turn 40 this year and have been thinking a LOT about dreams and goals. When I turned 30, my friend and I started djing and so I guess now, each new decade brings me  more appreciation for life and youthful spirit, and makes me want to live more of it....

I have been toying with a lot of different things since the end of last year. I have a few ideas for making some extra cash for the farm, I have been helping some friends out with marketing and promotional strategies, and more recently I have been thinking about actually taking classes in digital media. This is a pretty big deal for me, as I haven't EVER stepped foot inside a classroom since the day I graduated high school - which was a non-traditional night high school at that! 

My Etsy store has been offline for a few months now, and I have been trying to organize that little corner of my life a little better, but in between all my normal every day things, I have not been able to escape the thoughts of furthering my education a bit - which is what I have decided to do....

This blog has been a platform for my learning experiences for the last six years - whether it has been  about farming and gardening, thrifting, fashion, life & death, and even food.  I have managed to teach myself all about hosting my little online space, transitioning from the beginning when it was called 'about an acre' to my bigger more satisfying look and feel of 'Frugal Fashionable Farmer', and even given my space a few makeovers each year.

Now, I feel it is time to expand my knowledge and get some proper training. I am excited to actually learn about how to do this kind of thing instead of just winging it and not really knowing how I got the finished product - ha! 

I opted for online classes where I could go at my own pace and work when it was convenient for my schedule of farm stuff and work and I start my online classes next month!!! Dare I say I am super excited?!?!?! 

I probably won't post too much about my classes here, but still wanted to share with my readers this small little slice I have added into my life. This platform will serve to show what I am learning in my classes and then still contain all the usual farm, food, and thrifting adventures. 

Well, it is super early Wednesday morning and I will be throwing up a midweek mixtape here a little later, but for now, I must get ready for work!



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