I wasn't planning on doing a 'worn' post today, but the weather was so perfect around lunch, that I just couldn't resist! This is what I wore to work ...... 
I threw the hat in just for fun (I had no reason to wear this to work - ha!), but I scored this last weekend for a cool $1! 

Levis jacket: thrifted, $4
skirt: thrifted, $2
leggings: Target, $10
sunglasses: Quay, gifted
belt: thrifted, $2
Durango boots: my everyday boots
Well, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as you could! I have been stuck in an office all day except for my lunch break! Now I am off to frolic with the animals and bask in the evening sun, and then after dark I think I will start going through my vintage inventory and maybe plan a few photoshoots for the store! !!! Happy hump day! 

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