rain, skunks, and treats.

Blah. What a day. Rain, more rain, some sleet, and then ending the day with MORE RAIN. Annnnnd on top of that I just felt a little yucky today.

 Ha! I also realized that I have never used the 'photobooth' app on this computer....until now! Ha!

I did however catch a glimpse of a skunk while I was out walking Eddie in the rain.....

I was so excited to actually SEE one just minding it's own business and not paying us any mind. I mean it was really into ..... whatever it was doing. So much so, that I took Eddie back to the house, grabbed my little point and shoot camera with a video camera, and IT WAS STILL THERE!!

After I recorded a little snippet of 'Flower, the skunk', I decided it was such a crummy day that I needed a Snickers bar, and Eddie needed some snacks as well as Spirulina..... I drove past the skunk on my way to the store, and when I came back, IT WAS STILL DOING THE SAME THING! I am assuming it was eating bugs? Anyone have any experience with skunk habits? 

Anyway, needless to say, it was like there was a vampire on the loose when I got back home, running around getting all the animals fed before darkness fell ....

I decided to only eat half the Snickers and surprise Christian with the other half when her gets home. Eddie and Spirulina were super excited about their treats...

Stay dry out there, y'all!!
I am thinking of doing a big sale on my vintage stuff from the FarmGal Vintage store.... I will be working on that tonight, and maybe I will have some sweet deals tomorrow! 

silly dreams, all you lovelies!