blahhhhhging. i missed ya yesterday!!

Well, hello! I missed ya yesterday, but the truth is, I was sick....

Yep, a sucky UTI had me out of commission for a day. That's OK, I actually had a good excuse to be super lazy, stay in bed, and watch tv in between the frequent bathroom visits - fun right?

I managed to be pretty much OK by mid afternoon with apple cider vinegar, a supplement called 'the greens' from my chiropractor (and I also got an adjustment because I am a firm believer in that boost of immunity an adjustment provides), lots of Vitamin C, and a TON of water. I drank almost a gallon and a half yesterday.... geeeeeesh!

So.... aside from the supplements, napping, and peeing, I also got all caught up on 'Better Call Saul', made some GF pancakes with maple syrup, cuddled with Eddie, and had a friend visit and check up on me.

I also did a lot of web surfing, so I am going to share with you a few things I found to be pretty cool....

THIS blog post shared some info that they got from an earthship website about the top plants to have in your home to improve air quality. It's pretty cool to learn bout these plants - did you know that the aloe vera plant will actually 'signal for help' when the air quality is harmful??? CRAZY!

this made me cry like a baby.....and makes me so happy that my only two dogs I have had as an adult has been rescued. Rescue dogs are the best. <3

after that good cry,  this cracked me up.....

Also, just for fun, I did a super casual 'worn' post. I was out sick yesterday, no laundry got done in the last two days, and I just felt like wearing jeans and a t-shirt to work today....but not just any shirt - ha! 

t-shirt, from Pine Hill Shop 
Calvin Klein jeans, thrifted, $3.50!!! 
Durango boots, my everyday farm boots.

ahhhhhh yes. why are my eyes closed?!? oh, well..

So that's about it until next time! thanks for stopping by - see ya tomorrow (annnnnnd it's FRIDAY tomorrow!! Eeeeeek!)



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