a vet visit & new wheels....

We noticed last week that something was wrong with Eddie's eye, but there was no discharge or fever, so we decided to wait a few days to see if it got better. Saturday, Christian noticed a small bump on Eddie's actual eyeball, so first thing this morning, I set up an appt for him at the vet. 

I was able to get off work a little early to take him in, and the doctor said that it appeared to be a scratch that was healing unbelievably well. He put a few drops of antibiotic drops in his eye and sent us on our way with a pretty clean bill of health.

On the way home, I decided to stop and finally get the expensive tires (the never-flat ones) for my wheelbarrow. It has been out of commission for almost three weeks..... I had to get dog food and cat food while I was at Tractor Supply as well as a Kong for Eddie (his first EVER!!!). 

Eddie enjoyed getting out and going for a ride, and it was a beautiful afternoon to be out and about. 

When we got home, it was time to put my new wheels on, shovel that three week old growing pile of horse crap, and do all the evening chores before the sun went down.... I am getting excited about the time change and the longer days!! 

 lil worms doing their thannnng.....
 ...and you know I just cannot be out in the field and not have little Miss Nosey not come over and get allllll in my business. That means I must take a selfie with her. And you know this, MAN. I told her all about the new Zoolander movie, so she has been practicing her 'Blue Steele' with me in the evenings after work.

 yay! annnnnnd two loads later, and we are done! I shouldn't have waited so long to get my tires, but I was having a really hard time forking out $100 for wheelbarrow tires! Never again though!
 I'm off to watch bad reality television while doing a bit of laundry. Gym in the morning means early to bed. Sweet dreams, all!