Spontaneous Sister Sunday!!

In the last year, my sister and I have been through it all. Good times, bad times, ok times, and all the other kind of times in between. She is in the best possible place for growth and success at her other sister's home where she is part of a family. We have grown apart and back together again through exploring the love we have for each other as sisters. Losing our dad was sudden and devastating, but here we are after a year of love, dislike (bordering hate), and everything in between, and we managed to come out the other side closer than ever. It wasn't easy, but we did it, and now we can enjoy the spontaneity of random sister trips! This time, an unplanned adventure north for some hiking that turned out to be too cold and landed us in Nashville for some thrifting and BBQ.....
 I had only been to one of the Southern Thrift stores in Nashville and loaded up before, but when we got there, it was closed and for lease! I was almost on the verge of tears...We decided to take a trip to Antique Archaeology and then on to Third Man Records before thrift store hunting in this big city....

Well, we ate some good BBQ,  then as I was searching for thrift stores on my phone, realized there was a second location for Southern Thrift!!! On our drive there, we stumbled across two other thrift stores that were awesome as well! Jackpot!!!!

This huge disco ball was insane..... it had just come in, and the owner of the store bought it. I am guessing the guy that sold it to him realized it had a great story behind it, (apparently it was some big country singer's stage set up in the 80s) and he came back to see if he could get it back..... The owner of the store refused and then said it would not be for sale at all..... Lesson learned here: "Always do your research BEFORE you take a small amount of money that could be worth a whole lot more! ;)
 We ended up finding what I like to call "the thrift strip" - we were able to walk to a few shops on one stop before hopping back in the car to our final destination in Nashville....... Southern Thrift!

 The other location of Southern Thrift was bigger and better than the one I went to last time!!!! ANNNNNNND they were having 50% off everything in the store! So we racked up on goods and then headed back towards home.
Fun times indeed and more thrifting to do tomorrow! It's been a while since I had my fix, and I took a few days off work to spend with this gal while she's on break from school.... so tomorrow is more road-tripping, car rides, and treasure hunting! It's late and technically Monday now so I am off to bed to re-energize for tomorrow.....

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