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Whoa! Once again I started out the month blogging every day, but then got caught up in all my other projects... 

It's a while since my last post, and first I am gonna start with the some recent happenings then end this post with the #100HappyDays weekly roundup.......I will say that 2016 has been super exciting and busy, busy, busy! 

Since my last post, I was able to spend some quality time with both my sister and brother, visit Nashville, and do some thrifting at a few of my favorite places.

I begun planning the garden last week, pulling up the blackberry brambles (yet again) and decided that weed cloth was going down this time around, so I pulled up all my boxes, put TWO layers of weed cloth, and re-planned my garden space. Tonight I started germinating over 150 plants. Some seeds were older, so I always like to start too many just in case some don't sprout. 

I have been networking with some folks nationally about a new venture I plan on launching in the next year, and can't wait to hopefully share with you when that comes together! Exciting stuff ahead for sure!

I have been 'earthing' more the last few weeks and can tell a difference in my moods - I did this regularly back in 2014, but when we bought this place and moved, the land was so thorny, rocky, and unpredictable, that I didn't feel comfortable wearing my soft soled Minnitonkas, but things are shaping up with lots of hard work and it has been perfect weather the last week or so! 

annnnnnd..... I ended this weekend with a nice long overdue brunch with one of my besties! 

I plan on getting back in the habit of posting the 'worn' segments soon, but with the days still short it's hard to get home and have enough good light to document what was worn! For now, I am going to hop back on the blogging train and try to update daily...

and here is the #100HappyDays roundup since the last one...

day 7:
 day 8:

day 9: 

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day 10: 

day 11: 

day 12: 

day 13: 

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day 14: 

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day 15: 

day 16: 

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